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   Environmental objectives
  Xiangpu rubber to state categorically: the world's most important natural resources is the survival of human beings and human environment, the protection of the environment is one of the company's core work. In order to obtain and maintain good health, safety and environmental performance, xiangpu  commitment to the society: environmental protection, rational use of resources, and commitment to sustainable development, and efforts to mitigate belongs, production and transport, storage and transportation caused pollution outside and actively improve rubber quality, in order to assist in the achievement of the overall environmental objectives.
    The actual implementation is as follows:
To recover the resources and effective re-use;
    Enhance rubber quality;
    We must actively prevent environmental pollution and, if possible, to reduce waste emissions at the source;
    Communication activities on our environment to our employees, suppliers, monitoring departments to promote environmental education and training, the establishment of the concept of environmental protection;
    Making business decisions, brand expansion move fully into account environmental management.





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