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Welcome like through the Internet to tianjin's rubber products co., LTD., enterprise, thank you for your attention object's rubber!
The old saying said "sea of memory confidant, tianya zorpia". The development of Internet technology in modern society, with both friends for us to provide the quick communication channels, cape tianya near at hand. Was born in such a network times and constantly updating, I sincerely hope that this website can become better Morton bridge of communication and cooperation with all friends!
"People-oriented, scientific and technological innovation, first-class products, first-class service" is our tenet. Depending on the talent, is like the way of enterprise's survival and development. We firmly believe that man is the most precious in the world, as long as there is a person, what kind of miracle can be created. But there is a person that doesn't mean you have it all. Amount of only allowing people, talented people, education system, method of choose and employ persons, retention, can arouse the enthusiasm and creativity of workers, enterprises have the vitality and competitiveness.

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